WHY Ketogenic Diet

A ketogenic diet is a dietary regime that forces your body to burn fat. By definition, the ketogenic diet uses fat as primary source of energy for the body. This diet is characterized by an extremely low intake of carbohydrates and a modest intake of proteins.

The only way one can get rid of the excess fat is by burning it to provide energy to the body.
This is generally a well-known fact and people have been trying to burn fat with ever increasing time spent in the gym while on a low-calorie diet. That is not the way to go.

Unfortunately, it is very hard to activate the fat-burning process while on a low-calorie diet or any other form of traditional diet.

The Ketogenic Diet demands to eat nearly ZERO carbs. Eating zero carbs forces the body to start burning fat and this process releases "ketones" which are an alternative for of fuel for the body (alternative to glucose). The body goes then in a status called "nutritional ketosis" where most of the energy is extracted from ketones.

When the body is in ketosis and it is fully "keto-adapted", one can experience unlimited endurance and very high energy levels... this happens because there is no need to eat to get energy (the body gets it from the fat storage). When you are in ketosis, energy is ALWAYS available!

Needless to say, the most evident effect of the ketogenic diet is the massive weight-loss (fat-loss).

Besides the weight loss, ketosis brings several side benefits:

  • reduced appetite;
  • no shortage of energy (ever!!!);
  • increased endurance on physical activities;
  • increased capacity of mental focus;
  • lower glucose blood levels;
  • lower insulin blood levels;
  • lower cholesterol blood levels.


Living keto is a fantastic experience and the only price to pay for is giving up carbs.
Learning more about ketosis and ketogenic lifestyle is a responsible choice.



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