WHY Daily Fasting

Supported by medical studies, we found that daily fasting helps the body to enter in ketosis quickly. This avoids the so-called "keto flu", a state of sickness associated with ketogenic diet and due to insufficient energy in the adaptation period.

That is fantastic, right?
You can read more in this article about defeating the ketogenic flu.

Fasting is the willing abstinence from eating solid food for a certain period of time.
Fasting is known for its health and spiritual benefits and it is often used as a detox for the body and the mind. Among the many benefits of fasting:

  • brings you quickly into ketosis (NO keto flu);
  • increased metabolic activity;
  • increased autophagy process (recycling of dead cells);
  • resumed production of Growth Hormone;
  • increased alertness;
  • no bloating or constipation;
  • extremely low glucose blood levels;
  • extremely low insulin blood levels;
  • regression of Diabetes Type 2;
  • preventions of a number of diseases due to improved self-recycling functions of the body at cellular level;
  • saves time (from skipped breakfasts & lunches);
  • saves money (from lunches at work and less food).


There are different forms of fasting, the most common is probably the 16-8 hours model that just requires skipping breakfast.
Contrary to the common belief, fasting can be endured for very long periods of time with no side effects. The World's record for fasting belongs to Angus Barbieri, a Scottish man that in 1965 fasted for 382 days, losing an impressive 133 kg!

Daily fasting consists in having just one meal per day (and no snacking!), skipping breakfast and another major meal (lunch or dinner). Keeping 20+ hours between meals ensures low levels of glucose and insulin and kickstarts ketosis.

Daily fasting is also a great way to manage the amount of food eaten during the day... a great help for all those who have troubles controlling how much they eat :)


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