"Quick Start Guide" to Ketogenic Fasting

The Quick Start Guide to Ketogenic Fasting is the result of over 2 years of personal practice with Ketogenic Fasting and 1 month of collaboration with people like you who joined my Ketogenic Fasting diet plan in the beginning of April. Their feedback has been fundamental to the fine tuning of the Guide.

In the Guide, I summarize all the important concepts and instructions to get you started with Ketogenic Fasting immediately... and in the Smart way.

How to Avoid Ketogenic Flu

First thing first, the ketogenic flu is not really flu. There is no virus associated with it and it is not contagious.
Ketogenic flu it's just a state that manifests the same symptoms as the flu and it happens when one engages in a low-carb diet after a prolonged period of carb-rich nutrition.
Ketogenic flu is totally reversible, meaning that despite the bad feeling, you are actually in no health danger and you can go quickly back to normal just by start eating normally again (sugar or other carbs).

Let's see how...

The Smart Ketogenic Shopping List

When compiling a ketogenic shopping list, the main question to answer should be:
which foods bring the most nutritional benefit while making it easier to stay in ketosis?”.

Being and staying in ketosis boils down to the amount of carbohydrates consumed daily. It follows that your keto shopping list should contain as fewer carbs as possible.
Sounds reasonable, right?

Let's see how to compile this super-list...

Keto Macros: the ideal ratio for fat-loss

There is a lot of buzz out on the internet about macronutrients on ketogenic diets.
Ketogenic macros are the subject of many of blog posts and YouTube videos, each one giving an opinion on which is the right proportion of macronutrients you should eat on a ketogenic diet.
The most accredited version wants the fat to be 70% the proteins to be 20% and the carbohydrates to be 10%.
Well, I beg to disagree...

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