Ketogenic Diet versus Paleo

Taking action requires time and effort. The more choices you have, the more time and effort goes into making a decision.

This compulsive desire of making the right choice brought you here to understand the difference between “Ketogenic diet” and “Paleo diet”.

Let's have a look at it... 

24 Hours Fasting: the Key to a Better Life

Fasting is defined as a willing abstinence from food for a given period of time. This practice has been used by millions of people during the existence of mankind.

The 24 hours fasting is a form of intermittent fasting that is becoming popular as it offers several benefits over the classic habit of eating several meals per day.

Let's see which are these benefits and how the 24 hours fasting works...

9 Great Ketogenic Appetizers You Must Try [Recipes]

For a diet to become a lifestyle one must be able to have some fun in the kitchen... at least from time to time.
I've been scouting the internet to find ideas and recipes for ketogenic appetizers, so we can spice up our diet and bring more bite-sized flavor onto our plates.

Here they are: 9 outstanding recipes for ketogenic appetizers...

Vegan Ketogenic Diet (food list)

They say that a ketogenic diet is based mostly on fat, therefore it can be problematic for a vegan or vegetarian.
However, if your goal is to lose weight then you have nothing to worry about... a vegan ketogenic diet is totally feasible

Here is how...

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